Season 3, Episode 1
Season 3 Episode 1
Air date November 9, 2014
Written by Aaron Sorkin
Directed by Anthony Hemingway
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"Election Night, Part II"

Boston first aired on November 9, 2014. It is the first episode of the third season, and the twentieth episode of the series overall. The episode takes place April 15, 2013.




The news team treats a breaking story about the Boston Marathon bombings with guarded caution, still reeling from the Genoa retraction, in hopes of regaining the public's trust. Maggie is sent with Elliot to Boston and after Elliot has an allergic reaction, Maggie steps in to report on his behalf in impressive fashion. Sloan gets a computer system that allows her to review financial information in great detail, and starts to use it in order to figure out what company may be bought out, following a tip she got from a friend. Reese gives Sloan data showing heavy losses but asks her to "be kind" and think big picture when she reports on the state of the company. Neal is contacted by an anonymous source and is eventually given thousands of confidential and stolen documents regarding events overseas. Reese, Neal, Charlie, MacKenzie and Will discover Neal has likely assisted in committing espionage. Will is informed that ACN has dropped to fourth in the ratings to which he responds by suggesting he quit. Sloan finally figures out that the company being taken over is ACN, and that they will be the victim of a hostile take over by Reese's half siblings. Jim informs everyone that the second suspect in the bombings was found in a boat in someone's backyard. Will then backtracks on his resignation, stating that they will stand behind Reese and telling Neal to get legal representation. Takes place between April 15 and April 19, 2013.







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