Jacob "Jack" Habib is a psychiatrist who inherited News Night anchor Will McAvoy as a patient after the death of his father. ("Bullies")



In 2009, after the death of his father, Jack inherited his practice. News Night anchor Will McAvoy is a patient of the practice and pays for a weekly appointment, but has not attended since 2007.

April 2011Edit

Will returns to therapy after a difficult few weeks. He is surprised to find Jack instead of his father, still unaware of his death. He says that he has only come for sleeping pills but during a full session Jack manages to give Will a lot of insight into his issues and urges his to come back soon. ("Bullies")

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jack Habib is a minor character in the first season. He is played by guest star David Krumholtz and first appears in "Bullies"


Season 1
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