Kahlid Salim
Kahlid Salim
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
Affiliation: News Night
Profession: Reporter
Played by: Amin El Gamal
Seasons: 1
First episode: "Amen"

Kahlid Salim is an Egyptian reporter. He works freelance for the American News Night on Atlantic Cable News during the riots in Cairo. He uses the alias "Amen" to hide his identity. ("Amen")


News NightEdit

News Night covers civil unrest in Cairo after the Egyption president refuses to leave his post despite losing the election. Neal Sampat raises the idea of using a stringer in Cairo to get better coverage, having already established contact with Kahlid.

Mac convinces him to use his real name to give him credibility and his first appearance goes well. Neal and the staff are distraught when Amen goes missing after appearing on the show. Neal is so upset over putting Amen in danger that he punches a monitor, breaking both it and his hand. The News Night team find that he has been imprisoned by the military, who are demanding a huge ransom. Will pays for Amen's release. Neal re-establishes contact with the newly freed Amen. ("Amen")

Behind the scenesEdit

Kahlid Salim is a minor character in the first season. He is played by co-star Amin El Gamal and only appears in "Amen".


Season 1
"We Just Decided To" "News Night 2.0" "The 112th Congress" "I'll Try to Fix You" "Amen"
"Bullies" "5/1" "The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn" "The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate" "The Greater Fool"