Lisa Lambert
Status: Alive
Birthplace: United States of America
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: Fashion Buyer
Marital status: Single
Significant other(s): Ex-Boyfriends:
Jim Harper (2011-2012)
Played by: Kelen Coleman
Seasons: 1, 2
First episode: "I'll Try to Fix You"
Last episode: "Election Night, Part II"

Lisa Lambert is a fashion industry buyer. She lives with Maggie Jordan in Mahattan.



Lisa is a fashion industry buyer. She shares an apartment in Manhattan with News Night Associate Producer Maggie Jordan. ("I'll Try to Fix You")


Maggie angrily calls Lisa when she has a panic attack at work and has no medication. She berates Lisa for allowing the men she has been bringing back to their apartment to steal her pills. Lisa stays on the phone while Maggie's boss, News Night Senior Producer Jim Harper, calms her down. Afterwards Maggie confirms that he is the person that she has been telling Lisa about. ("The 112th Congress")

Jim HarperEdit

Maggie's boyfriend Don Keefer invites Lisa to the Atlantis World Media group's New Year's Eve party on 31 December 2010. He sets her up with Jim. Lisa and Jim begin dating but initially hide the relationship from Maggie, who Lisa knows has a crush on Jim. Don exposes their subterfuge by having Maggie ring Jim while and then calling Lisa during the conversation to prove that they are together. ("I'll Try to Fix You")

Maggie gives Jim a set of instructions to ensure that he gives Lisa a good Valentine's Day. Jim is caught up with his work and stands Lisa up. Lisa comes into the office, furious that Jim forgot about their date. Maggie admits that she tried to arrange it and Jim apologizes. ("Amen")

Behind the scenesEdit

Lisa Lambert is a recurring character in the first season. She is played by guest star Kelen Coleman and debuts in "I'll Try to Fix You".


Season 1
"We Just Decided To" "News Night 2.0" "The 112th Congress" "I'll Try to Fix You" "Amen"
"Bullies" "5/1" "The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn" "The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate" "The Greater Fool"
Season 2
"First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers" "The Genoa Tip" "Willie Pete" "Unintended Consequences" "News Night with Will McAvoy"
"One Step Too Many" "Red Team III" "Election Night, Part I" "Election Night, Part II"