Lucas Pruitt
Name: Lucas Pruitt
Status: Alive
Age: 43
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: ACN
Profession: Owner
Played by: B.J. Novak
Seasons: Season 3

Lucas Pruitt is the new owner of Atlantic Cable News (ACN), the network that airs News Night.


Lucas Pruitt purchased ACN when Leona and Reese decided to spin it off of AMG in order to dilute the twins' ownership of the company. He is a 43 year old entrepreneur from Palo Alto, California. Lucas is a bachelor who graduated from Stanford in 1992 and possesses an MBA from Harvard. He worked for Goldman Sachs for five years as a tech analyst before leaving to start his own company that made wifi accelerators.

Pruitt is the 1,398th richest person in the world.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

Lucas Pruitt is a recurring character in the third season. He is played by guest star B.J. Novak.

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