Producers are members of The Newsroom crew involved in overseeing the making of the show. Producer positions in order of seniority are:

  1. Executive Producer
  2. Co-executive Producer
  3. Supervising Producer
  4. Episodic Producer
  5. Producer
  6. Line Producer
  7. Co-producer
  8. Associate Producer

The series was created by Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin is an executive producer and the series show runner. He was previously the creator, head writer and executive producer on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The West Wing, and Sports Night. He has won multiple awards for his work on The West Wing. He drew several crew members from his earlier series to work on The Newsroom. In developing the series Winter worked closely with fellow Executive Producers Scott Rudin and Alan Poul. Poul had worked extensively as a producer and director for HBO, beginning with the series Six Feet Under. Rudin is primarily known as a film producer and worked with Sorkin on developing his films The Social Network and Moneyball.

Greg Mottola served as a Co-executive Producer and directed the pilot "We Just Decided To". He had worked extensively in film prior to joining the series. Paul Redford is a Co-executive Producer and writer for The Newsroom, joining the series from the second episode "News Night 2.0" onwards. He had worked with Sorkin on The West Wing and Sports Night. Denis Biggs also joined the crew as a Co-executive Producer from the second episode onwards. Biggs has a background as a producer for HBO series.

Charlie Goldstein was a Supervising Producer for the pilot but did not return when the show was picked up for the first season. Biggs took over his responsibilities. Leanne Moore was a Producer and Unit Production Manager for the pilot. She also left the crew when the show was picked up for the first season.

Lauren Lohman, Eli Bush, and Dauri Chase were Co-producers for the series pilot. They all returned when the first season was ordered. Lohman has previously worked as Sorkin's assistant during The West Wing and was an Associate Producer for Studio 60. Christine Larson-Nitzsche also joined them as a co-producer and took over UPM responsibilities from Moore for the second episode onwards. Sarah Rath was an Associate Producer for the pilot and returned when the first season was ordered.

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