The Newsroom Season 1 First Cast Promo

The principal cast

The season 1 cast includes 8 starring cast members, 37 guest stars, and 70 co-stars. There were 13 recurring guest stars, and 24 single episode guest stars. There were also 11 recurring co-stars, and 59 single episode co-stars. There was at least 1 performer with an uncredited role.

Starring castEdit

The first season starring cast consists of:

  1. Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy (10 episodes)
  2. Emily Mortimer as MacKenzie McHale (10 episodes)
  3. John Gallagher, Jr. as Jim Harper (10 episodes)
  4. Alison Pill as Margaret Jordan (10 episodes)
  5. Thomas Sadoski as Don Keefer (10 episodes)
  6. Dev Patel as Neal Sampat (10 episodes)
  7. Olivia Munn as Sloan Sabbith (9 episodes)
  8. and Sam Waterston as Charlie Skinner (10 episodes)

Guest starsEdit

Recurring guest starsEdit

  1. Adina Porter as Kendra James (10 episodes)
  2. Chris Chalk as Gary Cooper (10 episodes)
  3. Chris Messina as Reese Lansing (5 episodes)
  4. Terry Crews as Lonny Church (5 episodes)
  5. Kelen Coleman as Lisa Lambert (5 episodes)
  6. David Harbour as Elliot Hirsch (4 episodes)
  7. Jon Tenney as Wade Campbell (3 episodes)
  8. David Krumholtz as Dr. Jack Habib (3 episodes)
  9. Hope Davis as Nina Howard (3 episodes)
  10. Stephen McKinley Henderson as Solomon Hancock (3 episodes)
  11. Natalie Morales as Kaylee (2 episodes)
  12. Paul Schneider as Brian Brenner (2 episodes)
  13. and Jane Fonda as Leona Lansing (4 episodes)

Single episode guest starsEdit

  1. Elizabeth Marvel as Sharon ("We Just Decided To")
  2. David Cromer as the Moderator (""We Just Decided To"")
  3. Jason Butler Harner as Lewis (""We Just Decided To"")
  4. Ned Vaughn as Dick Warren (""We Just Decided To"")
  5. Philip Baker Hall as Bryce Delaney ("The 112th Congress")
  6. Matt Long as Brad (""The 112th Congress"")
  7. JD Cullum as Frank Guidry (""The 112th Congress"")
  8. John Walcutt as Greg Towne (""The 112th Congress"")
  9. Deborah Strang as Gloria Hansen (""The 112th Congress"")
  10. Kathryn Hahn as Carrie (""I'll Try to Fix You"")
  11. Missy Yager as Monica (""I'll Try to Fix You"")
  12. Merle Dandridge as Maria Guerrero ("Amen")
  13. Patrick Fabian as Tony Hart (""Amen"")
  14. Damon Gupton as Sutton Wall ("Bullies")
  15. Eve Gordon as Phylis Greer (""Bullies"")
  16. Yuki Matsuzaki as Daisuke Tanaka (""Bullies"")
  17. Saemi Nakamura as Translator (""Bullies"")
  18. Christina Kirk as Flight Attendant ("5/1")
  19. Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Jane Barrow (""5/1"")
  20. Adam Arkin as Adam Roth ("The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn")
  21. Jake McDorman as Tate Brady (""The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn"")
  22. Lindsey Kraft as Alexandra (""The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn"")
  23. Angela Sargeant as Nurse Cooper ("The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate")
  24. Kenneth Choi as Dr. Lee (""The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate"")


Recurring co-starsEdit

  1. Margaret Judson as Tess Westin (10 episodes)
  2. Thomas Matthews as Martin Smallworth (10 episodes)
  3. John F. Carpenter as Herb Wilson (10 episodes)
  4. Trieu Tran as Joey Phan (10 episodes)
  5. Wynn Everett as Tamara Hart (9 episodes)
  6. Charlie Weirauch as Jake Watson (9 episodes)
  7. Chasty Ballesteros as Tea (5 episodes)
  8. Sarah Scott Davis as Terry Smith (4 episodes)
  9. Alison Becker as Sandy Whiddles (2 episodes)
  10. Riley Voelkel as Jennifer Johnson (2 episodes)
  11. Renee Gube as Mike (2 episodes, 1 uncredited)

Single episode co-starsEdit

  1. Brian Huskey as Jake Watson ("We Just Decided To")
  2. Ricky Mabe as Steven (""We Just Decided To"")
  3. Steven Hack as Dr. Morris (""We Just Decided To"")
  4. Silvia McClure as Nancy Schiff (""We Just Decided To"")
  5. Jill Remez as Sherrie Stone (""We Just Decided To"")
  6. Victoria Kelleher as Charlie's Secretary (""We Just Decided To"")
  7. Kathleen Kennedy as Brenda (""We Just Decided To"")
  8. Celeste McMillan as a Waitress (""We Just Decided To"")
  9. Cornell Womack as Daniel Mendoza ("News Night 2.0")
  10. Paul Willson as Dr. Dwayne Sotter (""News Night 2.0"")
  11. Marshall Bell as Ross Fernholm (""News Night 2.0"")
  12. Megan Park as Gwen Vally (""News Night 2.0"")
  13. Norma Maldonado as Housekeeper (""News Night 2.0"")
  14. Stephanie Malouf as Karaoke #1 (""News Night 2.0"")
  15. Chauncey Jenkins as Karaoke #2 (""News Night 2.0"")
  16. Monika Smith as Amy (""News Night 2.0"")
  17. Alex Rodriguez as Corrine (""News Night 2.0"")
  18. Mia Barron as Sheryl Bell ("The 112th Congress")
  19. Corey Sorenson as Mike Lyndall (""The 112th Congress"")
  20. Everette Wallin as Ted Wexler (""The 112th Congress"")
  21. Laura Stone as Danielle (""The 112th Congress"")
  22. Tehmina Sunny as Darshana Yadav (""The 112th Congress"")
  23. Troy Blendell as Kyle Lohman (""The 112th Congress"")
  24. Chuma Gault as an Assistant Director (""The 112th Congress"")
  25. Briana Cuoco as Neal's Girl (""The 112th Congress"")
  26. Tristin Mays as Karaoke Girl (""The 112th Congress"")
  27. Emily Wilson as Shannon Bryer ("I'll Try to Fix You")
  28. Cyndee San Luis as Paulita Maya (""I'll Try to Fix You"")
  29. Don Bendz as Tom Berkeley (""I'll Try to Fix You"")
  30. Chuma Gault as an Assistant Director (""I'll Try to Fix You"")
  31. Amin El Gamal as Amen ("Amen")
  32. Amy French as Cory (""Amen"")
  33. Tara Sands as Roberta (""Amen"")
  34. Amy Miller as Elliot's Wife (""Amen"")
  35. Corinne Kingsbury as Stripper (""Amen"")
  36. Daniel May as Karaoke Singer (""Amen"")
  37. Ami Haruna as Japanese Anchor ("Bullies")
  38. Aston Moio as Lester ("5/1")
  39. David Douglas as Peter (""5/1"")
  40. Jeff Corbett as Captain (""5/1"")
  41. Mark Scheibmeir as Jeffrey Miller (""5/1"")
  42. Kahlil Garcia as Police Officer #2 (""5/1"")
  43. Bruno Amato as Police Officer #3 (""5/1"")
  44. Sergio Enrique as Police Officer (""5/1"")
  45. Ron Ostrow as Passenger 1 (""5/1"")
  46. Chase Kim as Passenger 2 (""5/1"")
  47. Reatha Grey as Passenger 3 (""5/1"")
  48. Jordana Capra as Passenger 4 (""5/1"")
  49. Jaime Fauth as Passenger 5 (""5/1"")
  50. Martin Moran as Ezra Schneider ("The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn")
  51. Reggie De Leon as Karaoke Singer #1 (""The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn"")
  52. Yutopia Essex as Karaoke Singer #2 (""The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn"")
  53. Michael Tatlock as Teddy ("The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate")
  54. Livia Trevino as Meg (""The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate"")
  55. Liesel Hlista as Selena Machado (""The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate"")
  56. Terrell Carter as Karaoke Singer #1 (""The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate"")
  57. Diana Perez-Alvarado as Karaoke Singer #2 (""The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate"")
  58. Josh Rachford as the Mailroom Kid ("The Greater Fool")
  59. Dana Jacks as the Tour Guide (""The Greater Fool"")

Uncredited actorsEdit

  1. Unknown as Manny ("News Night 2.0")