• MacKenzie McHale cheats on Will McAvoy with her ex-boyfriend.
  • Will McAvoy and MacKenzie McHale breakup.



  • Will McAvoy rants about America and how it isn't what it used to be.
  • 20th
    • Will McAvoy returns to News Night after a two week vacation with Erin Andrews to Saint Lucia.
    • MacKenzie McHale joins News Night.
  • 23rd
  • 26th
    • Will issues an on air apology for his failings as Managing Editor of News Night and pledges to improve the program while reducing focus on ratings.


  • 1st
    • A bombing attempt in Times Square, New York City is diffused without casualties after street vendors report a smoking vehicle.
  • 3rd
    • The bombing attempt's perpetrator Faisal Shahzad is arrested at John F. Kennedy airport.
  • 4th
    • At a News Night staff meeting, they decide not to criticize the system which successfully caught the would be terrorist bomber when he was boarding the plane. Despite the failure of the airline to update their files in time to recognize that he had been added to a no fly list a second line of checks by Customs and Border Protection led to his successful arrest.
  • 8th
  • 20th
    • News Night interview with Greg Towne about Tea Party Senator Rand Paul's statement that restaurants should have the right to refuse to serve African-Americans.


  • 2nd
    • News Night air a statement from US Senatorial Candidate Sharron Angle from Nevada.
    • Will dates Danielle.
  • 18th


  • 31st
    • News Night interview with former congressman Bryce Delaney, who was ousted by a Tea Party candidate after giving his honest opinion about Obama and sponsoring bipartisan legislation.


  • News Night interview with Manhattan, Kansas Tea Party supporters Sheryl Bell and Mike Lyndall about the Koch brothers funding of the movement.


  • 2nd
    • Extended live broadcast covering the 112th Congressional elections.
  • 3rd
    • Charlie meets with Leona Lansing and ACN directors. She threatens to fire Will for alienating the Tea Party.


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