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The first episode of Newsroom's Second Season aired last night and it was, for the most part, met with relative acclaim. Many critics applauded Sorkin for apparently addressing people's complaints regarding the first season and many felt the first episode was a good sign that this season is on track to be at least a bit better than the first. We've gathered a sample of the response here.

AV Club

Throughout the second season première of The Newsroom, it’s evident that Aaron Sorkin is desperate to get this one right. To his credit, he seems to have listened to many of the criticisms of season one, and he’s attempting to fix them. B-

Paste Magazine

And that’s the delight of watching [Sorkin's]] work. He takes very real worlds that attract the best and brightest in their fields and imagines idealized versions filled with idealists. Whether the end goal is the best damned sports broadcast, White House, variety show or cable news show, Sorkin likes to prescribe his solutions to the corrupting forces surrounding all of them. 8.3/10

LA Times

Oh, there's still a lot of craziness and rants designed to resonate with a certain demographic. But an air of if not humility then self-awareness pervades, softening everything it touches, even Will. Romance, breakdowns, showdowns and epiphanies still occur at an alarming rate — this is television, after all — but at least it now looks like some work beyond all the speechifying is getting done.

Which should make even those cranky journalists happy.No Score. Generally positive review.


Ultimately, one needn’t be a purveyor of snark to view “The Newsroom” as a disappointment — too smart to be dismissed, but so abrasive as to feel like Media Lectures for Dummies. In that respect, it’s well suited to cable news, just not in the way intended.No score. Generally negative review


Nevertheless, the slightly dour tone is a nice break from season one's inspirational cheerleading and manic rushing-about. It's compelling to see these characters suffer, struggle, fail, and be punished for both unjust and just reasons; it makes for better drama than watching them get into a little trouble each week and then magically extract victory from defeat's jaws.No score.

What did you think of the season premiere? Do you agree with the critics? Let us know in both the below poll and the comments!

What did you think of The Newsroom's season premiere?

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