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With the second season of The Newsroom only days away, we thought we'd take this time to speculate about what we expect the Will McAvoy and the rest of the News Night team to report on throughout the season. While Aaron Sorkin has confirmed in interviews that certain topics will be definitely be addressed, such as the general election, Trayvon Martin, and drones, the majority of the next season's real-world political fodder has yet to be revealed. The next season is set to take place August 23rd, 2011 through Election Day, 2012.

Here's what we think they'll touch on next season:

Occupy Wall Street

The class-based protests that took the nation by storm by illuminating what some thought to be the government's tendency towards corporate favoritism and its unwillingness to fairly distribute money will definitely make an appearance next season. The protests reached their zenith in early 2012 -- the heart of next season's supposed timeline.

Trayvon Martin

When a Florida man "exercised his legal right to self-defense" and killed a supposedly suspicious-looking teenager, the nation erupted into a heated debate surrounding race, gun rights, and the legal system. The News Night team has addressed all of these in great detail the past and we're sure they'll do so again in the next season. Perhaps the team, like their real world counterparts, will wear hoodies on camera in solidarity.

The Presidential Election

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The 2012 Presidential Election, when Obama squared off against republican challenger Mitt Romney, will most certainly be the subject of the season 2 finale, andbrought up consistently throughout the season. There were quite a few election scandals in last year's election, and knowing the News Night team, they'll be on top of things.

Eurozone Economic Crisis

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The economic crisis in Europe, which forced countries like Greece and Ireland to adopt austerity-heavy policies, caused quite a stir in 2011-2012 -- and we are very much so still feeling the effects today. With a new economist on staff, there is going to be a lot of economic-centered discussion in the second season.


Armed Predator
Automated Attack Drones have consistently been the subject of quite a bit controversy since their inception. Are they a moral method for assuaging external threats, or proof that the United States is wallowing in power and losing touch with humanity? We're sure Will McAvoy will have something to say.

What do you think? What would you like to see the News Night team to report on next season? Let us know in the comments!

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