"News Night 2.0" aired this week. What did everyone make of the second episode?

I am thoroughly enjoying the series and found the second episode to be really funny. There was some nice slapstick with Mac knocking over her easel while introducing her new concept for the show. I also thought the staff's failure to recognize which of her three "I"s she was referring to during that meeting was hilarious. Also good was her freak out about sending out the accidental group e-mail and the destruction of poor Gary Cooper's phone.

I liked the subtlety of the interactions between Will and the network suit Reese Lansing leading up to Will's hasty decision to include a Sarah Palin segment. It was also good to see Chris Messina in another decent role after his strong turn in the recent fourth season of Damages. I'm also looking forward to seeing more of new starring cast member Olivia Munn as Sloan Sabbith. She has a nice dry delivery that fits Aaron Sorkin's writing well.

The cast remain impressive and Alison Pill got a lot more focus this week with her character Maggie Jordan's big error compounding the other problems in the team leading up to the show in tonight's episode. Jim Harper's quiet heroism in covering for her was a very endearing character moment.

Now that we are out of the pilot episode we also got to find out a bit more about the crew of the series proper. The series has a large writing staff, several of whom have a television news background including Gideon Yago and Brendan Fehily. The show certainly feels authentic to me as an outsider and I think having relevant experience in the writers room can be credited for that.

My biggest problem with this week's episode was that I didn't quite buy that an international television producer like Mac would be that unfamiliar with Microsoft Outlook in this day and age. Also slightly detracting from my enjoyment because of my nit picky attention to the minor roles is that they recast the Jake Watson character between the pilot and the second episode. I think this shows a lack of attention to detail because the character was barely established in the pilot so it would not have been an issue to just have a different studio technician for the second episode.

Those small things aside I again really liked this one and am looking forward to the rest of the first season. 10 episodes is already feeling too short!

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